iThink Software

About the Company

Joseph Spiros

Joe is iThink's evil, communist, fascist, slave-driving founder. He likes Coke, making Kent cry, and kicking puppies. He was born and raised in Ohio, a place that has been called "Hell on Earth" by many. His aspirations for the company are to become the next Microsoft, while simultaneously destroying capitalism, and the free world. He has many cats, and is known for once having one in particular named Jack.

Alexander Strange

Alex was helplessly dragged in one day and forced to work on an IRC client. After realizing that everyone and their brother were already writing bad IRC clients, he decided to give up and keep working on other products. He is currently awaiting an opportunity to write an entire application in INTERCAL.

Kent Sutherland

Kent was found sleeping in an IRC channel with a sign "Will code for food and shelter" hung around his neck. iThink took him on as a Cocoa coder, and he now enjoys three square meals a day and a warm bed to sleep in. During his tenure, Kent has also taken to being a professional nuisance, practicing his rather pronounced skills on the others.

We would be remiss in suggesting that we could've gotten to where we are now by ourselves. We'd like to thank those of you who have supported us, and continue to support us, in this grand adventure.