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Your System Preferences, only faster

Hate having to go through two to three steps to change your Mac's Energy Saver preferences? Tired of click after click just to change your sound output device? Tired of Apple's System Preferences application altogether? Well, you can rest easy now, thanks to MenuPrefs, from iThink Software. MenuPrefs provides a menu-bar-based front-end for convenient and fast access to Mac OS X's individual System Preference Panes.

So simple, yet so useful

MenuPrefs is a simple menu-bar application that sits in your System-wide menu-bar space, giving you a richly featured alternative access to your commonly used System Preference Panes. You can specify what panes to show, and even in what order to show them.

A wide variety of users will find the functionality of MenuPrefs well suited to their needs. In a school computer lab, MenuPrefs could be used to give users access to only the preferences the system administrator has unlocked for general use. At home, a user could quickly access the sound preference pane to change the system's sound output to headphones when the rest of the family wants to go to sleep. Any user who wants faster access to any preference pane will find value in MenuPrefs.

Freeware Registration

As we're moving to release the source code to MenuPrefs and turn it into a freeware product, you may use the following license key with older non-freeware versions.

Registration Name: MenuPrefs Freeware User
Serial Number: MP200ST001-E4E4-81NH-JF5C-DW26-G5HC

Version History

Version 2.6 (March 20, 2006)
  • Universal Binary